Masking Enemies Volume 3

Dr. Festus Chadwick, organizes the trip of a lifetime to places of antiquity in Southwest England. He invites a good friend and fellow scholar, Thomas Grant, former student Clive Dering, recently sent down from Oxford and his nephew, Jeffrey Chadwick. At the last moment, Jeffrey is unable to go and his place is filled by his young sister, Frederica.


The trip seems ill fated from its beginning. Falling masonry, a carriage accident, and an unexplained plunge down a hillside mar what was intended to be a picturesque journey to historic places.


A terrifying kidnapping attempt leaves Frederica and Clive alone, forced to make their own way to safety. But fleeing costs money and they quickly find that life on the streets takes ingenuity and courage. Can Frederica and Clive overcome their mutual antipathy to meet the challenges they face?

Facing Enemies  Volume 2 


Captain Jeffrey Chadwick has just been transfered to the Dublin branch of the government's information service.  Almost immediately he is assigned to find and retrieve the daughter of an important member of Dublin society who has been kidnapped.  Chadwick's search soon takes him undercover to France where Napoleon is massing his forces to invade England.  

Uniting Enemies Volume 1


Returning to London after four years in Dublin, Ireland, Marion Cox must balance the love of two men while thwarting the efforts of Irish militants to kidnap her twin nephews  to use as pawns against the English in the fight to make Ireland part of the English commonwealth.


Inspired by the controversial formation of the United Kingdom and the espionage activities of the English government during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to achieve that unification.