Travel in 1804 is perilous at best and the ship on which the Chadwicks are travelling is veered off course in a fierce storm that deposits them on Cape Breton. Among the flotsam left on the beach by the storm, are several dead bodies, one full of knife wounds.

Georgina and Jeffrey’s plans have taken a hard left into chaos. Instead of the city they expected, they are in the wilderness of Nova Scotia, instead of preparing for the winter, they are charged with a murder investigation and then there are the orphans. Surely the winter can’t be that long!

Snowball Diplomacy won First Place in the Short Story Contest of the New Jersey Federation of Women's Clubs

Jeffrey Chadwick uses a snowball fight to thwart adolescent bullies.

Mary Ann Trail is an author, traveler, mother and lover of history. A history major in college, she is a lifelong resident of southern New Jersey, where she spent most of her professional life as a college librarian.  She loves living equidistant from the Philadelphia and Newark International airports—both jumping off points for travel that allows her to explore, first hand, the settings for her stories. Frequent trips to England with her sister fanned her interest in English history as they strolled through Bath, followed Roman roads in Wales, and wandered prehistoric mounds in Dorset.

She can be reached through her webpage or her Facebook page, Mary Ann Trail, Writer.



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