Romance and intrigue at the dawn of English and Irish unification.

1801, as negotiations for the unification of England and Ireland grow heated, Marion Coxe takes her nephews out of the cross-hairs of a militant anti-unification group, the Madra Dubh and flees to the relative safety of London and her father, the retired general Ambrose Coxe.

Information, from Ireland, is slow to reach her, there's still much she doesn't know, leaving her and her family, in the dark and in danger. Soon, she finds herself torn between her new love interest, Captain Jeffrey Chadwick, and an old flame she hasn't seen in over four years, Nathan Donnay.

Before she can get her bearings, the Madra Dubh makes its appearance known in a move meant to disrupt the unification talks. Will it succeed—putting Marion's family at risk once again?

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