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Egg Harbour Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

Paddy Canavan travels from Boston to Philadelphia at the behest of his employer, searching for a missing wine shipment. But it is not just the wine that can’t be found: the ship it was on never arrived at its destination. Rumors of a lost ship lead Paddy to the New Jersey Shore, where he faces a wall of local mistrust.

But Paddy is a charming yet determined young man. This is his chance to prove himself. He is not going to give up finding an important shipment for his employer if he can help it. As he works his way up and down the Greater Egg Harbour River and visits an area totally foreign to his urban background, he meets a variety of local characters.

Follow Paddy as he works to solve the mystery of the lost wine and learns to appreciate how a life based on the river and sea can be challenging yet fulfilling. Will a pair of snapping brown eyes lure him to stay?

Coming in this summer

His Solo Spring

​​Paddy Canavan ventures into 1805 Southern New Jersey to find a missing shipment of wine. Will local mistrust, a pretty girl and mosquitos disrupt his efforts?



Their Chilling Fall 

Travel in 1804 is perilous at best and the ship on which the Chadwicks are travelling is veered off course in a fierce storm that deposits them on Cape Breton. Among the flotsam left on the beach by the storm, are several dead bodies, one full of knife wounds.

Georgina and Jeffrey’s plans have taken a hard left into chaos. Instead of the city they expected, they are in the wilderness of Nova Scotia, instead of preparing for the winter, they are charged with a murder investigation and then there are the orphans. Surely the winter can’t be that long!



I’ve read all 3 books in the series, each one better than the last. Masking Enemies is well written, combining history, romance, intrigue, and charming characters (okay, some not so charming, but that’s what makes it a good read). I am happy to recommend the whole series to anyone who historical novels.



I was surprised at how much these books drew me in. The characters are so well developed you feel like you know them.


Nice “who done it” adventure story with descriptive writing,that definitely puts you into the harshness of the 1800’s. Easy reading storyline.


Masking Enemies is a real page-turner! I do not read a lot of books in this genre, but this author has captured my imagination by creating characters I really care about and transporting me to another time and place. I have now read all three of the "ENEMIES" series, and "MASKING ENEMIES" is by far the best. I highly recommend the entire series to other readers.



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Mary Ann Trail has always been interested in history and travel. After years as a research librarian, she now indulges both interests and combines the results in her own historical mysteries of early 19th century. All of her books are set in places she has visited be it Corfe Castle in Dorset or Cape Breton in Canada.


“After my mom gave me a library card and access to the adult section, one of the first books I read was Pride and Prejudice. I was entranced by a good story set in a new culture. I can only hope that my efforts entice some readers to become more interested in how our ancestors lived their lives.”


She is a lifelong resident of southern New Jersey, where she is setting her current project.

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